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What does your selfie say about you? Do artists’ selfies differ from self-portraits of common people; what are they, a form of art or a part of daily routine accessible to anyone?


In 2013, Oxford University Press publishing house announced selfie word of the year. For the first time, it was used in Australia in 2002. A selfie, which has become an indispensible form of communication, is a manifestation of democracy; selfies are made both by celebrities as well as by ordinary people. As many as 60 million people make and upload photos of themselves. Spreading of selfies not only does signify growing narcissism of people, seeking for acknowledgement and willingness to make themselves more visible, but also a crisis of identity, social isolation, pushing out of other people from their environment, avoiding of communication (with a photographer), and probably a developing psychological disorder, a so-called selfie syndrome. Selfies may evoke interest not only of psychologists, but also of artists exploring the environment. Social fashion may become a source of artistic inspiration, it may serve artistic goals, or it may be transformed into an object of art.


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The project designers are interested in the relation of artists’ selfies to their creative activity. At all times, in artists’ self-portraits, the professional attributes, highlighting their identity and mission, have been important. The project that is going to present artists’ selfies made with their creative works or works’ fragments, will strive to figure out what an artist’s selfie could tell about the artist, how the artist presents him/herself, what creative work he/she chooses, how this creative work reveals the artist’s personality. What is the future of a selfie? Will it be replaced by a widely spreading group selfie called wefie?

Grazie a tutti gli artisti e tutti coloro che si associano al progetto “Selfie d’artista” e per il futuro alla partecipazione nella Biennale di Venezia 2019.

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